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Supervising experience

02/2021-07/2021 Topic: Hierarchical Discovery of Processing Stages (with J. Borst)
Student: Loran Knol, MSc Human-Machine Communication (HMC), UG
02/2021-07/2021 Topic: Investigating Insight in Chess: Machine Learning analysis of EEG (with J. Borst)
Students: Alfiuddin Rahadian Hadiat & Wenshu Lou, MSc HMC; Eline Hageman & Chris Boersma, BSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI), UG
09/2020-02/2021 Topic: Can perception be manipulated? Data modelling using HsMM-MVPA (with J. Borst)
Students: Stefan Stokvisch, Melle Berentschot, & Thomas Swagerman, BSc in AI, UG
02/2020-07/2020 Topic: Discovering processing stages in lexical decision (with J. Borst)
Student: Karlijn Rozestraten, MSc HMC, UG
02/2020-07/2020 Topic: Cognitive stages in learning phases (with J. Borst)
Student: Isaiah van Hunen, BSc in AI, UG
02/2020-07/2020 Topic: Manipulating perceptual stage durations (with J. Borst)
Student: Iris Kamsteeg, Honours College, BSc in AI, UG
02/2019-07/2019 EEG correlates of learning in the alpha-arithmetic task (with J. Borst)
Student: Prajakta Shouche, BSc in AI, UG
02/2019-07/2019 Topic: Investigating Processing Stages in a Simple Visual Discrimination Experiment (with J. Borst)
Student: Daan Sijbring, MSc HMC, UG

Teaching experience

04/2020-06/2020 Course: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
Role: Teaching Assistant. Lecturer/coordinator: Dr. M. van Vugt
Degree program: MSc HMC, UG
11/2018-01/2019 Course: Advanced Statistical Modeling
Role: Teaching Assistant. Lecturer/coordinator: Dr. J. van Rij
Degree program: MSc HMC, UG
09/2015-02/2016 Course: Social Psychology
Role: Instructor. Lecturer/coordinator: Prof. dr. O. Gulevich
Degree program: BSc Economics, National Research University HSE
02/2016-/06/2016 Course: Analysis of performance and development of competency models
Role: Teaching Assistant. Coordinators: Prof. dr. V. Shadrikov, Dr. S. Kurginyan
Degree program: MSc Psychology in Business, National Research University HSE

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  • Bernoulliborg, room 318, Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG ¬†Groningen, The Netherlands